10 Things Your Small Business Used To Do Physically, That You Can Now Do Online

Here are 10 things your small business used to do physically, that you can no do online.

1. Holding meetings – Use Zoom, don’t drive in traffic for hours to hold meetings with customers

2. Marketing – Use Facebook and IG Ads targeted at whatever area, don’t walk around sharing flyers

3. Issuing Invoices – Use Zoho Invoice, don’t go printing a ton of invoice booklets

4. Reminding your staff to do things in a certain way – Use Asana and stop shouting like a mad person

5. Customer Service – Use Facebook and IG to automate your DM with frequently asked questions. You don’t need to answer 50 phone calls from prospects all asking the same enquiry questions

6. Research – Use Google Forms to create surveys, you don’t need to send people to the streets to get responses

7. Filing of documents – You don’t need all those cabinets in your office. Use Google drive to store and arrange your documents safely in the cloud.

8. Accepting payments – You don’t need to collect cash or cheques and then struggle to get into the bank. There are tons of payment options you can use now

9. Training your staff – You don’t need to gather them into a meeting room and train them from morning to night. You can simply drop 10 minutes of voice notes every morning and get them to acknowledge they listened to it.

10. Networking and learning from other business owners – You don’t need to worry that the School owners town hall meeting holds only in Lagos. There are tons of Facebook and online groups for school owners that you can join.

The summary of this matter is – Take Your Business Online 

I repeat – Take your business online.

Take your business online.

Save yourself from unnecessary wahala and adopt the online life

For what shall it profit a man, to make so much money in his business, but lose his health while at it?

Take your business online!

You will save money.

You will save energy.

You will save time.

You will save wahala.

Finally, you will save YOU.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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