I will continue to teach and preach about making daily income.

Especially in the Nigeria of today, where one crate of egg is selling for over 2000 Naira and one bottle of fried groundnut is selling for over 1000 Naira, we all need to increase our earnings.

One of the ways that I learnt through which people can activate their daily income is by listening to the beautiful stories of others who have activated theirs.

You will learn a lot from their stories and it will point you in the direction of activating yours.

Story No 1 – Adaobi – Leveraging on a good supplier

Adaobi (not real name) supplies us blocks at our work site.

She walked up to my husband one day when he was at site.

She tells you that she has higher quality blocks than you are currently buying.

She also tells you she has a standby truck to bring you blocks sharp sharp.

She noticed that many block industries are adding too much sand and do not have delivery trucks. So she found and partnered with a man who produces very good blocks and has 2 very good delivery trucks.

He pays her 10 to 15 Naira per block sold through her marketing.

Adaobi spends her days marketing inside estates where a lot of construction works are happening.

She has very good relationship management, so we are stuck with her.

Interestingly, we pay more than regular price for her blocks, but we would rather opt for better quality that costs slightly more.

Yes, the blocks are far better than others we have bought and she delivers faster than others.

The trucks carry 500 blocks at a time. Adaobi makes 5000 to 7500 Naira per truck delivered.

Most times, we order 1000 to 1500 blocks and she makes double or thrice that amount.

Let’s summarize what Adaobi is doing right:

1. Found what others are doing wrong

2. Found a good supplier who is getting it right and built a relationship with the supplier

3. Spends 90% of her work time on marketing activities (this is her biggest win)

4. Builds relationships to ensure customer retention while she seeks more customers

Adaobi says her next target is to buy a small car so that her marketing activities happen with more ease.

She is hardworking, I know she can do it.

Bros, sis, get to work with whatever you learnt from Adaobi.

Daily Income is a MUST in this Nigeria of today.

I love you!

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