Chioma’s Principles About Making Money 

We all have our Beliefs.

We all have our Mindsets.

We all have our Principles

They guide what we do

They guide how we do things.

I love to teach about making money.

Everyone who spends a few hours with me will typically get me talking about money and how to make it.

Today, I like to share with you some of Chioma’s beliefs, mindsets and principles about money-making.

Remember, they are mine.

You can create yours.

Don’t argue about mine.

It’s like arguing that red is a better colour than blue.

Baseless argument.

Rather, focus on which colour suits your skin and taste – Right?

So now that we have removed baseless argument from the way, let’s proceed.

What are Chioma’s Beliefs, Mindsets and Principles about making money.

1. Go for activities that give more profit easily.

Instead of hawking Cheese balls in traffic and making 500 Naira profit on the 50th sale, it is better to be a vulcanizer and patch one tyre for 500 Naira

2. 99% of people are doing it wrong, don’t follow what most people are doing to make money

There are very few people who understand the right principles. Locate them and study them.

Always be ready to be ‘the different one’.

3. Nigeria is land of milk and honey when it comes to business.

Nigeria has the population and the people have great push. If you focus some energy on selling to Nigerians, you have won yourself a great market.

Stop discrediting Nigeria. You are hurting yourself.

Do you ever see me say bad things about Nigeria? Saying it doesn’t fix it.

The moment you open your mouth and say, “Nigeria is finished”, you hurt your mindset and potential to earn in Nigeria.

4. With careful planning, many people can come out of their low financial status.

Many people do not spend 30 minutes a day to deeply think and plan about money-making. They are busy running the rat race that yields low income. They refuse to stop, use their brains and think.

They want to outsource their thinking to others. Sadly, everyone must be able to think for himself.

Why are you selling biscuits 20naira with 2naira gain when you can make braids and earn 5k daily? Sit down and think na.

5. Marketing is the greatest skill that you need to make money.

Whatever you know in your brain 

Whatever your hands can do

If you cannot market it, you will struggle to make money

Marketing is a survival skill that should be taught from teenage age.

6. There is work to be done to make money.

A lot of work sef.

Even if you sell long life and prosperity.

Be committed to doing the work.

Don’t allow your energy to fail.

Stop running around looking to find where there is no work. 

There is work. Face it. Do it. 

Are you committed to generating 10k leads because you want to sell to 500 people? Are you?

7. It is very very easy to outshine others.

Very easy.

Many people are comfortable being docile.

Just rise above being docile.

If you want to become the most popular vulcanizer in Lagos – just sew an overall, brand it, start making videos and talking about car tyres, make sense and apply consistency. 

In two years, you will be the richest vulcanizer in your area of Lagos. 

You will be selling tyres, installing them, patching tyres, advising people, companies will sign up with you. 

In another few years of adding more strategies, you don blow.

You will become a king of vulcanizers.

Just rise above the docile nature of others – and take the lead.

It is very easy to leave the crowd behind. Very easy. Think about it.

These are some of my biggest beliefs when it comes to money-making.

I hold them in my heart.

They work for me.

What are yours?

Care to share?

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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