Learn Canva Course

COURSE NO 2 – Learn to make 20 eye-catching designs on Canva in 2 hours using your mobile phone. Learn also the tips and tricks that most Canva users do not know

You have been following me for a while.

You have seen me make a ton of simple designs.

You know I am an accountant, not a designer.

You keep wondering how I do it.

Here’s your answer – I use my phone to do it.

There’s an app called Canva that I use.

In 2015, just before I launched Accountinghub, I bought a Canva course for 2100 Naira.

I watched it and learnt it.

It was just one hour.

Since then, I have made thousands of Canva designs.

  • Canva helps me express myself.
  • Canva helps me sell my business.
  • Canva helps me build customer relationships.
  • Canva helps me bond with my kids – they love to watch me design and also do it.
  • Canva helps me get you to read my writings.
  • Canva helps me become creative, even as a boring accountant.
  • Canva helps me do the kids drawing homework.
  • Canva helps me do my ebooks.
  • Canva helps me do my slides for presentations.
  • Canva helps me design websites and sales pages.

Canva is a simple skill that everyone, I mean everyone should have.

You can use Canva for your business, your church, your office work, your association, your personal brand, or absolutely anything.

Canva works on both your phone and your laptop.

I want to give you the opportunity I got in 2015 to learn Canva.

… but you will pay less than half of what I paid.

For only 1000 Naira, Chioma Business School is inviting you to Canva class on Saturday the 17th of July 2021 by 7pm.

Run now and grab your seat.

Only 1000 Naira!

What are you waiting for?

The instructor will teach you to make 20 designs in a 2-hour class.

The 20 designs will mix various features of the Canva app.

The class will be recorded and sent to you later on so you can watch and watch and watch again.

Oya run now!

Warning – This is a skill that everyone wants to learn. Whether you sell shoes & bags or you are a medical doctor or you are a parent or you have teenagers, everyone will jump into this class. You cannot procrastinate on this. You should pay now and secure your seat. We have only 1000 seats.

Jump in now!

In trying to sell this Canva Class, I made over 10 designs on my phone. You can check them out here.

You would see how beautifully I express myself with the power of design.

THE CLASS BECOMES 1500 NAIRA ON THE 17TH OF JULY 2021. BUY NOW AT 1000 NAIRA. Yes, you can pay by bank transfer – just click the link.

I love you!


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