Chioma’s Round Table

Chioma’s Round Table is a community of knowledge entrepreneurs who go into a 3 sessions indepth discussion with Chioma on selling knowledge, driving traffic and growing your revenues.

Here is the format of the Chioma’s Round Table.

Order of events

SESSION 1  – Whatsapp Funnels – Introducing a new Whatsapp cloud software that we can use to create amazing Whatsapp Funnels.

SESSION 2 – Strategies I use for my Facebook Ads- The winning strategies I use for my Facebook Ads

SESSION 3A – Selling knowledge daily- Revenue-generating activities we should be doing daily, weekly or frequently

SESSION 3B – New areas we should be looking at with knowledge selling – Selling our knowledge within Nigeria, within Africa, and the rest of the world (We have an invited guest for this session)

Format of the sessions

– Chioma welcomes everyone and introduces the session
– Chioma discusses the topic for one hour
– The floor is opened for contributions, questions and discussions

The sessions will be very interactive and fun.
Everyone is free to share his experiences and ask questions
3 full hours for drinking from each other’s brains

List of Cohorts

Cohort 1 – Opened 30May2022 and ended 11Jun2022 (33 members)

Cohort 2 – Opened 11Jun2022 and ending 24Jun2022 (30 members)

Cohort 3 – Opened 20Jun2022 and still enrolling

Fee is 30,000 Naira.

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