COURSE NO 5. – How to run profitable Facebook Ads using just 1000 Naira daily

Everything you need to do before setting up the Ad
● The platforms – Business Manager and Ad Account
● Setting up a Nigerian Ad account
● Paying for your Facebook Advert in Naira – Remove the Dollar Stress
● Create Facebook Pixels
● Create Events
● Understanding Audiences – Who to target with my Ads
● The Ad Copy, The Ad Image/Video and the Landing Page
Step-by-Step Watch-Me-Do-It Make & Run Your 1000 Naira Facebook Ad
● Make the 1st Advert directed at Audience 1
● Make the 2nd Advert directed at Audience 2
● How to scale (grow) from 1000 Advert so you can reach more people and sell more
● How to run adverts outside your home country (maybe from Nigeria to Ghana and Kenya)
● Some useful tips with running Facebook Ads

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