This morning I sat down to think about how lonely being an entrepreneur is.

This your head has to decide on everything.

From Day 1, you had to decide on what business to do.

You had to decide on a name and the incorporation type.

You had to decide on how to acquire customers.

You had to decide on how to serve them.

You had to decide on what bank to use.

You had to decide on strategies.

You had to decide on mentors.

You had to decide on social platforms to use or not use.

You had to decide to work for this customer or not.

You had to decide to import or buy local.

You had to decide on pricing.

You had to decide on next moves.

You had to decide to rent shop or sell from home.

Everything, you had to take a decision.

Yes, you got a few suggestions from family, friends, coach and mentor.

But you still had to decide whether to take them or not.

Entrepreneurship is so lonely.

All the decisions fall on this your small head o.

The same head you use to marry, have kids, run the home and run many more things.


This same head o.

So now that we all accept that this journey is lonely and long, what can we do?

I thought to share my own decision about going through this long and lonely journey.

Here it is –

1. I will keep executing tiny bits of strategy everyday, knowing that they may not be the best decisions, but it’s fine to keep trying

2. Then as I execute them, I will open my eyes to measure and keep track of the results from each tiny strategy so I note the ones that worked and the ones that didnt

3. I will rinse and repeat the ones that worked continuously 

4. I will keep searching for newer strategies while I keep doing the ones that work

5. I won’t lose faith, I will continue to push. A tiny strategy is good enough for a day. An email to a customer is good enough.

6. Above all, since everything lies on this my small head, I will ensure to preserve the head. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, I will preserve my head

So I can walk this lonely path of entrepreneurship and make good out of it.

I hope you take your own decision on how to walk this long and lonely road that you have chosen.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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