Every Business Should Have A Refund Policy 

Dear Nigerian Business Owner,

Have a refund policy.

It is a lifesaver, especially if you sell online.

A simple half-page or one-page document written in simple English is enough.

The refund policy protects both the Seller and the Customer.

The customer has rights.

The seller has rights.

Both need to be protected.

Here are some things to do with your refund policy:

1. Make sure it is published openly online

2. Refer customers to it as much as possible (When you come to pay for Data-Entry Academy in installments, I always refer them to the Policy/Process page)

3. Understand that refunds can be because of either seller’s fault or because of the customer fault. A refund can occur for many reasons.

4. Where the refund is because of the customer’s fault, ensure to charge a small penalty fee. 

Please do not use this to abuse the customer’s right in any way.

5. Include very clearly the length of time it takes for the refund to be processed. 

I have seen a customer drag a seller for not refunding within 4 hours.

6. Keep all correspondences about refunds in a formal way. 

Maybe have an official email where the customer writes to and you respond officially. 

After making the refund, write back officially and get the customer to acknowledge receipt of funds officially. 

Everything about refunds should be official.

I hope this helps.

Remember, one refund case gone wrong can rob you of 1000 potential sales.

Organize your refund process to protect both sides.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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