How To Sell To Someone In A Conversation, Within 5 Minutes

Several times people walk up to me and tell me what they do. 

They now expect me to come back later and buy from them, or to dig deeper and find something in their offering that suits me.

We honestly have to understand that there is a huge difference in saying what you do versus saying an irresistible offer.

Let’s take an example:

Sister Janet walks up to you after church and says, 

“Sister Chioma, good morning. I am a tailor o. I sew clothes for women and men.”

How do you think I will respond?

“Ah, that’s nice. This is noted”.

I may go further to ask where her shop is, but the likelihood to close a sale is very low.

Why? Because she did not make an irresistible offer to me.

Now, let’s play this another way.

Imagine that Sister Janet walked up to me and said, 

” Sister Chioma, good morning. I have an offer for you. Father’s day is around the corner. I know you would love to surprise your husband. Can I make 2 pairs of casual Ankara shirt-and-shorts for him at just 20k? You only need to bring me any shirt and any trouser that fits him. I’ll measure it and give you back. In 48 hours after measuring, I’ll send the clothes to your office”.

Now, this is an irresistible offer.

How do you think I will respond?

“Ah, wow! This is so cool. How did you know I was struggling with what to give him for father’s day? Thank you. How do I pay? Can I pay now?”

In a few minutes, the deal is closed.


Here are more examples.

Offering: I make hair for kids.

Irresistible Offer: Can I make your daughters’ hair every two weeks for just 2k each? I’ll come to the house. I’ll bring attachments and a variety of beautiful beads you can choose from. 

Offering: I make isi-ewu and abacha. I even do delivery.

Irresistible Offer: I know you must be tired of the usual Sunday rice. Can I make a bowl of abacha and another bowl of isi-ewu, and deliver them to your home after service on Sunday? It would be a great unusual lunch and bonding activity for the family. I’ll come dressed in Igbo attire and blow the Igbo flute and dance a bit with the kids. You only need to pay 10k for the food and 3k for the dance.

Now that you understand what irresistible offers are. What do you think makes an irresistible offer?

Let’s make a simple list:

1. An unusual add-on

2. A bundle with crystal clear pricing

3. Faster turnaround time 

4. A feeling of a ‘one-stop’ shop

5. A sense of ‘I know your problems’

6. A ‘wowing’ effect

7. An offer that no one else ever made to them

It can be a mix of any of these.

You know the usual drill – Jump up now.

Grab paper and a pen.

Create an irresistible offer from what you sell.

An irresistible offer is one that when made to 10 people who are your target audience; at least 3, will say “Yes”.

The art of selling can be learnt.

Yes, I learnt it.

I make irresistible offers.

I make social media posts with irresistible offers; I close thousand of sales from people.

I never knew. 

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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