Lessons From 6 Nights Ago … You Will Be Shocked

I recently became obsessed with a particular sales strategy.

And I have been investing a lot of time learning about it.

So when Nelly found a flyer, where some top earners would be teaching about it, she sent it to me.

I paid for the program to learn from them.

It is a 4-day program.

Last week, I joined the class as usual.

The expert who came to teach us had made sooo much money using the strategy.

You need to see my excitement.

I could literally feel my belly moving with joy.

It was a practical class, so she shared her screen, to allow us watch and see how she does it.

To my shock, she was a beginner in using the computer and many of the tools in it.

She explained how she only knew some basics and that was all she was using to make great sales.

Even when someone asked her about a very popular software that could do exactly the same thing, she had never heard about it.

She simply answered that her job was to show us exactly her methods.

Then the bigger shock came …

She was to teach us how to say the introductory part of something.

She explained how her coach had written the lines for her and she had learnt the lines over and over.

Are you kidding me?

Something I can say so easily?

Something that just be listening to her say it once, I had understood her and could say it in my own words?

You mean she had to struggle to learn this?

Ah ah

And she makes millions with her basic use of tech plus crammed speeches?

Are you serious?

This young lady is doing over 50million in sales online monthly. 

Her use of technology level is very low.

Her speeches are crammed.

Ah ah

So what is stopping many of us?

Why do we keep thinking that we are not enough?

If you see the boldness with which she came to class to display her very very elementary skills eh.

If you see how she didn’t have any answers for people asking complicated questions.

She just kept saying, “I cannot teach you what I don’t know. My job is to show you how I do it and this is it”.

My mouth was open for more than half of the class.

It was a big lesson.

It was a huge reconfirmation that you do not need complicated skills to make money online.

Simple is enough.

The girl I saw 6 nights ago didn’t even know enough of what I call simple.

And she is rated a top-level earner and celebrated everywhere.

She has travelled to many countries based on her results.

It means less than simple is enough.

Here’s my summary – Na you hold yourself o. Nobody and nothing hold you.

I hope this speaks to you.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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