Let The Market See The Problem And The Differentiation, They Can Relate And Key In

Less than 2 weeks ago, I started a business called Eggnetwork.

It launched on 15Mar2023.

The whole idea for me was to build a family business that didn’t have anything to do with Chioma’s brain.

Accountinghub, my first business, requires my accounting skill.

Chioma Business School, my second business, requires Chioma’s business teaching/writing skills.

I needed a business that didn’t require being an expert in any field. 

I needed a business that I could set up and absolutely anyone in the family, whatever their field of study or skills or experiences, can train to run the business.

Only my friend Nelly can testify to how I have gone through many many ideas.

Then I finally settled for Eggnetwork.

Many people would say – Chioma is an influencer with a crowd of followers, that’s why her business is succeeding.

I would humbly say, this is not entirely true.

There are business ideas I would have come up with that wouldn’t succeed. 

Many of us know loads of influencers with struggling businesses, even their massive followership doesn’t seem to help.

Let me give you the one underlying box that Chioma ticks off before starting a business that would be a massive success.

Here it is – The business must be very clearly different from others in that space. The business must address a problem that people can quickly understand and key into the solution it offers.

Chioma does not do a business that people will not clearly see the problem that Chioma is addressing, and how it is different from others.

As clear as glass, even a blind man, will see the problem that Chioma’s business is trying to solve.

For me, getting the market to see the problem and key into it, is the biggest win in starting a very fast-growing business.

Once the market can say …

“Others are doing like this, but this business is doing like that”, I am fine.

Let me stop here and catch more rest ahead of Sunday activities.

I know you got the point.

Differentiation and relatable problems are two keywords I want to leave you with.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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A business that solves problems that are very clear and relatable.

Where your customers understand their problems and are ready to pay for solutions.

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