Many small business owners need to create monthly retainer packages so they can guarantee their small businesses of constant monthly income.

Whether service-based or product-based, you can create monthly retainers.

(However, not all businesses can have monthly retainers. A business that sells caskets cannot be retained monthly)

Many small businesses are struggling with cash because they have no monthly retainers.

If you sell food in an office area, offer them a monthly retainer voucher that allows 20 meals a month.

If you build websites, offer a monthly retainer that updates their website, publishes their blog posts and updates plug-ins.

If you make cakes, offer a monthly retainer to companies such that their staff get birthday cakes and last Friday TGIF package for the whole office.

If you run a cleaning company, offer homes monthly intensive cleaning of windows and other areas that we do not clean daily.

If you are a young accountant, offer monthly tax filings or bookkeeping.

If you sell foodstuff, offer families a monthly package that contains almost all the regular food essentials needed for the month.

If you cannot do monthly retainers

Do quarterly

Like the AC man who offers quarterly servicing 

If you are a lawyer, create monthly retainers as company secretary or other roles.

If you are a doctor, create quarterly retainers for the whole family to come for checkup.

Sit down and create retainer plans for your business.

Lock in that constant revenue.

Then run off and keep chasing your one-off sales after your retainers have been locked in.

Retainer contacts are a great way to maintain your existing customers.

Haven’t you heard that it is 7 times easier to sell to someone who has bought from you before, than to find new customers?

Sit down today and structure retainer arrangements for your business. 

I know businesses that retainers bring them a constant 2million to 5million monthly before they even add all the other one-off sales.

With retainer contracts, you don’t struggle to pay salaries or rent.

Oya go and think.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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