The more you can explain, the more you can sell to Nigerians.

Blessed are you who is not trying to sell 1000 units of something with just one flyer.

Lucky are you who understands that Nigerians need to understand something from 100 different perspectives before they can buy that thing from you.

… and you think they will read your lengthy sales page?

Well, they will scan through. So it’s good to have the sales page.

But do you know what they read?

Those short-short explanations you give about that thing you are selling.

The more times you can explain it, the more sales you can pull in.

If I want to sell 1000 units of this red dress to Nigerians, I will launch an entire campaign of 40 flyers and messages about the red dress.

Day 1 – Picture of the dress, sizes and price

Day 2 – The different types of event the dress can be worn to

Day 3 – Testimonials from those who bought

Day 4 – The fabric type and quality

Day 5 – Several body types that can fit into the dress perfectly 

Day 6 – How you can buy and resell the dress, making good profits

Day 7 – Picture of young and old wearing the dress, showing it fits for any generation

Day 8 – Washing test on the dress showing it doesn’t spill any colors

Day 9 – Models wearing the dress and styling it differently

Day 10 – How plus-size women are rocking the dress 

Day 11 – On and on

Everyday with Picture and a short writeup 

Without ever getting tired, I will explain and explain and explain that dress until I hit my 1000 sales.

Listen to me please – To sell something to hundreds of Nigerians requires that you put out a variety of messages, because you do not know which message will strike a chord in someone’s heart.

You cannot want to sell to 1000 Nigerians with one message, one angle, one perspective.


You must present that thing from different angles so you strike different chords.

Except you are selling one unit or a few units of that thing, then you can use one image or flyer to sell it.

But if like me, you have something to sell in large quantities to Nigerians, you better go and learn the game of selling from 1000 perspectives.

Every time you release more explanation from another perspective to Nigerians, one or two or ten more people deceide to purchase that thing.

Go ye and up your ‘explanation’ game if you must sell in large units to Nigerians.

This is Nigeria.

We do business differently.

We don’t care too much about your sales page.

We want you to explain that thing in the Nigerian way, until we understand and pay attention.

Lucky are those who do.

God bless Nigerians!

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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