Everytime I see someone who knows how to save, I see a person who can achieve massive goals.

If a househelp who earns 30k Naira salary wants to start earning 150k monthly, she can achieve it with savings.

She can save 10k every month for 6 months, start frying puff-puff at a major bus stop, then save 20k monthly for one year and move into another business that earns more..

If a person wants to use a tech skill to change his life, he can start saving 1k every day and get a used laptop in 4 months. After one year of learning and growth, buy a better laptop and keep growing.

If a housewife wants to start selling clothes online, she can save 10k monthly for 6 months from housekeeping stipends. Go to Yaba and make simple plus-sized dresses and start selling.

In one year of serious focus, have a customer base of over 100 customers, plus cash in the bank of no less than 200k.

Every time someone writes me a passionate message pleading for something, I almost want to ask, “How much have you saved?”

Saving is soooo powerful, but it saddens me that not too many people know this.

Someone’s next big dream is just 1k daily savings away.

I can hardly think of any modestly-reasonable personal goal that savings cannot achieve.

The biggest reason why Chioma was able to quit full-time employment and launch Accountinghub was my savings.

Even for business owners,

You can save for rent.

You can save for salary.

You can save for machines.

You can save for expansion.

You can save for many business goals.

Maybe we need to raise a hashtag.

Maybe we need to tell it to our kids more.

Maybe we need to teach it more.

Maybe we need to shout it louder.

But I honestly do not know why you first didn’t consider a savings plan as the simplest route to that your dream.

Please stop now and ask yourself – why don’t I just create a savings plan for this my dream?

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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