Someone Needs To Pray For The Heart That Truly Understands Abundance

I want to give someone a prayer point.

Here it is – Dear Lord, help me to have a heart that truly understands and accepts abundance.

Do you know that there are people who do not believe it is possible to sell 100 cakes in a week?

Do you know that there are people who do not believe that 1000 people can buy from them and pay them?

Do you know that there are people who do not believe that you can sell 5million Naira Kuli-kuli in a month?

Do you know that there are people who do not believe you can sell 2 bags of cooked rice in a day?

There are people who completely have killed and demolished every iota of the word, “Abundance”, in their life.

They only believe that things must happen small-small.

They only believe in few orders a month.

They only believe in few customers a month.

They only believe in average or below-average financial status.

They do not believe that a legitimate clean business can make 100million profit in a month.

To them, every rich man has his hands socked in evil.

They cannot relate riches with good things.

They have no business with the word “Abundance”.

They only relate with the word, “Limited”.

If you are one of such persons, you need to change your prayer.

Here is the prayer I want you to say and keep saying:

“Lord, give me a heart that truly understands abundance.

Teach me, show me, proof to me Lord how people sell 1000 orders in a month.

Open my eyes, open my mind, take me to places, bring people to me – teach me abundance Lord.

They say you are the God of abundance – Show thyself to me.

Let me really, really understand Abundance.

Open my mind.

Enlarge my mind.



Abundance come my way

May my mind learn to comprehend abundance so that I can truly reap abundance.


I hope you said the prayer and you will keep saying it.

It is a big disease and sickness when your mind cannot see abundance.

You automatically cut yourself off from the abundance that you can reap from.

Remember, a person cannot execute what he cannot see.

The woman who sells 2 bags of rice a day has a very different mindset from the woman who sells 1 paint of rice a day, even though both of them started the business together 10 years ago, in the same area.

Their mindsets are very different.

Your daily life is an execution of your mindset.

Fix your abundance mindset so that you can execute differently.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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