At about 4am one morning, I chatted up a friend of mine. 

I accused him of writing sad posts on Facebook and that his posts seemed like he was going through troubled times.

He responded that he was fine, but he was spending more time with God in deep reflection.

He went on to explain that his friends and age mates were doing mighty things for God and that he was challenging God to use him to.

So I asked, please give me an example of one thing that any friend has done that you want to do too.

He mentioned a young vibrant Pastor that I knew as his friend and explained how he had a thriving ministry that was raising good people for God.

Then I said to him – Please, let me share my 2-lists principle with you. I believe it will help you greatly.

Here it goes:

In this life, for everything you want to achieve, there are 2 lists that you must draw up.

1. Your list

2. God’s list

There are things that you must do, then God will do his own.

Example – You wake up today, you want to have a ministry that raises men as good husbands.

You draw your own list.

1. Give the Ministry a name

2. Call a few good men together and share the vision 

3. Start a small gathering of men in your circle

4. Go online with the message and reach more men

5. Share the vision with some Pastors. Men from their churches would love to join

6. Bla bla bla

7. Bla bla bla

This your list are the steps you should follow to quickly achieve the goal, in the physical realm.

Then using your list, you draw up God’s list.

1. Guide my heart to choose a name that is right

2. Let the few men that I call answer me and show huge co-operation 

3. Let men in my circle turn up for our inaugural meeting and more meetings

4. Provide me with the resources and knowledge to launch out online (money, people and everything needed)

5. Let Pastors in churches catch the vision and swing in their support massively 

6. Bla bla bla

7. Bla bla bla

Did you notice how every line of your list has a corresponding line in God’s list?

Then you start executing your list, one after the other.

While you execute on your list, you use the corresponding God’s list as prayers to back up your execution.

This is how to strike massive successes in 2023.

Do your part

Then God will do his part

Do not sit down without doing anything, then you fast for 10 weeks, pray in tongues for 16 weeks and shouting, “Lord, do it”.

God is not in the business of making chairs.

He is in the business of giving you the initiative on how to make chairs.

Many people I know are stuck because they do not have two lists, they have only one list – God’s list.

They have taken everything and thrown it at God.

My friend lives in Aba, a very commercial city.

She is broke and often calls me to send her money.

But she cannot answer a single question about any commercial activity in Aba.

She cannot tell you the best place to buy fabrics.

She cannot tell you the best place to get shoes.

She cannot tell you the best place to produce boxers in bulk.

She knows nothing about the city.

She doesn’t want to know.

She doesn’t care about the massive opportunities.

She is indoors praying.

She has no personal list on how to get out of poverty, but she has a long list of destiny helpers that God must bring her way.

I do not in any way seek to reduce the power of God. 

I know his might and I trust him, even in the sight of human impossibility.

But you must have your own list.

And you must execute your own list.

Then ask God to execute his own list.

If she wakes up tomorrow and draws up a list on how to become a merchant who trades in men’s inner wears, then she executes and follows through, she will be able to at least feed herself.

So, I ask you now…

That thing you seriously desire, where is your list?

Where is your list?!!!!!!!!!

Where is your execution?!!!!!!

Your family is dying of hunger, do you have a list like this?

1. Learn how to drive by approaching 6 friends/family

2. Visit up to 10 hire purchase companies to get a car for Uber

3. Raise 50k loan from family to buy some decent clothes for my new driving job

4. Use XyZ app to save 1000 Naira daily

5. After 6 months of saving over 180k, setup a hair plaiting shop for my wife where she can wash hair and plait hair

6. We both increase our daily savings to 3k

7. Bla bla bla

8. Bla bla bla

Do you have a list like this to bring you out of poverty?

Or it is only God’s list to deliver you from poverty?

Today I charge you, step into 2023 with a 2-lists mindset.

Have your own list.

Have God’s list.

Execute on your list while you keep praying to God to take charge of the God factor as you execute.

No one promised it will be easy.

But there is a method.

I repeat – There is a method.

There is a process.

Follow the process, for life is made of rules.

May you receive sense to navigate 2023 with two lists.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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