The Business That You Call Side-Gig

I was studying the side businesses that people have.

Here’s my conclusion – Every side business to one person can become a full-blown business to another person who chooses to dedicate more time and energy to it.

Some time ago, I was pleasantly shocked when I invited a guest to teach freelancing at my data-entry academy.

Mr. Gbenga lives in Abuja and does freelancing full-time. His core skill and offering is copywriting.

He uses both Fiverr and Upwork platforms but had to pause his account on Fiverr as he couldn’t cope with jobs coming from both ends.

He showed us $6000 jobs, $800 and $1000 jobs.

The job of $1000 required him to write a series of 5 emails.

Honestly, I never thought about freelancing as a full-time job. I always thought it was a side thing, but Gbenga proved me wrong.

I went further to ask him how he does it.

“Do you sit on the computer all day struggling to get jobs? Don’t you sleep? How are you doing it”, I asked.

Here’s his response – “The best jobs come from the US. Their 8 am is our 2 pm. I get on my computer at 2 pm each day when they have woken up and started posting jobs. About 20 jobs drop every 5 minutes. I refresh my screen every 5 minutes, read through jobs and apply for the ones I like. Moreover, I rarely apply for new jobs. My old clients and my Resume attracts clients to reach out to me directly.”

Mr. Gbenga works virtually full-time on Upwork earning in dollars. He even told us he doesn’t worry when we complain that the Naira to dollar rates are rising. It means he is making more money.

I found his session very interesting, and I learnt a lot from it.

He even shared a story of how he taught his sister to be a professional copywriter. 

She lived in Abuja and when she was going to get married; it required her to relocate to Lagos. 

When she complained about Lagos traffic and Lagos life, he quickly reminded her that she is a full-time work-from-home person and shouldn’t have any worries about Lagos because she is totally excluded from the hustle-to-work movement. 

She got married. 

She is now in Lagos. She has no business with the Lagos hustle and traffic. She earns very well and is happy.


More people need to consider freelancing as a full-time business. I just learnt that it is more than a side hustle.

I hope that you take some time to think about your side hustle a bit more today. 

Ask yourself if it has more potential and if you should consider developing it more than you have.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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