The Cake Woman That Made 60Million Naira In January 2021

In 2021, a popular Nigerian cake vendor asked all her customers to book all the cakes they required for the year and get a discount.

So for example, I have 4 kids, I need 2 cakes each for their birthday, I need another 2 cakes for my husband and another 2 cakes for my wedding anniversary. 

If you add my team members at Accountinghub and friends/family whom I give cakes on their birthdays, I probably need no less than 40 cakes in a year.

So instead of waiting for their day to pay 10k for each cake, she asked that we pay 8k each.

From me alone, she will get over 300k, just for cakes in the year.

She did it in January 2021 and mopped up over 60million Naira.

Knowing that the prices of raw materials could move up, I believe she would invest the money in low-risk money market placements so it can earn some interest.

I remember a lady telling me that when she saw the strategy, she called her mentees who are also cake vendors and asked them to do the same.

One of the mentees called her top 4 customers and 3 of them had already paid and keyed into the promo.

This is February.

Maybe someone needs to use this strategy to mop up some good money.

Do you run an auto-servicing workshop?

Ask us to pay 5k each instead of 8k for 5 servicing jobs.

Do you run a nail bar?

Ask us to pay for 10 visits.

Do you do dreadlocks for people?

Ask us to pay for 10 relocks.

Do you run a kids salon?

Ask us to pay for 10 visits for the girls.

Do you run a hotel?

Ask all your corporate clients to book 100 days of room for a lower fee.

Do you run a car wash?

Ask us to buy 10 or 20 washes.

You can use printed coupons or vouchers to administer it.

Put an expiry date to it so it creates an urgency for them to use it within the year.

Use this strategy and mop up some good money for yourself.

You can then use the money to negotiate bulk discounts from your suppliers or lock them in.

Bulk money can do a lot for your business and yourself.

1million collected now is not the same as 20k paid 50 times on different days.

Bulk money is sweet.

I hope and pray that someone uses this strategy.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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