The Lies You Are Telling Yourself Is The Biggest Reason Why You Are Broke

We all have relatives and friends who are struggling financially. For some of them, we know deep down in our hearts that this person has good potentials but just never seems to get a hold on things.

Sadly, some people are feeding themselves with lies and it has kept them down.

The one person in this life that you must never lie to is yourself. Lying to yourself is destroying yourself.

The very day you sit down and tell yourself the truth, the doors of wealth will open unto you.

Here are some examples of people who lie to themselves and keep themselves broke:

1. A husband deceides that he will only do big contracts. He wakes up everyday broke and goes around chasing contracts. 

Everytime you meet him, he is talking big-big. He is talking about how he will see the Governor next week. 

His children cannot eat and cannot go to school but he is chasing contract. He is always bragging and talking big.

The lie he tells himself is that he can execute contracts, meanwhile even if the contract comes today, he has zero Naira to do anything. He starts running around.

If you listen to his phone calls, he is always talking in millions but he has no penny.

The truth that will set him free is if he wakes up one day and decides to learn a quick skill that doesn’t involve a lot of capital and then goes ahead to monetize it.

Imagine if he can learn how to buy a smart watch from importers at 2500 Naira and sells online at 14k. Even if he makes only 1 sale a day, his family will feed well. 

Young boys are teaching this e-commerce thing everywhere but lying to himself wouldn’t let him see road.

2. A woman who has to stay home to raise the kids for some years, so cannot work very actively, deceides to go into offline buying-and-selling business.

Some women may have an agreement with their husband to stay off work for some years so she can focus on raising the kids. 

She becomes a fulltime housewife. This is fine. I have huge respect for these women. It is not easy to lay down your life and times for another.

But the only issue I have with them is lying to yourself that while sitting at home, you can run a successful buying-and-selling business that has no online presence.

Chai. Big fat lie.

You see her collect money from her husband and buy loads of items and pack them at home hoping to sell them and make money from them. It almost always results in regrets.

The lie she is telling herself is that the market will come to her. No! You go to the market when you sell what isn’t special.

The truth that will deliver her is if she takes up a service-based skill that draws the market to her and she then goes online to advertise her skill.

Example – A fulltime housewife can run a successful tailoring business from home. She can make ready-to-wear clothes and sell in bulk or even bespoke tailoring for people.

3. You are 42 years old, never worked before and you say you are looking for a job. 

Years upon years, you say you are seeking a job.

The lies you are telling yourself is that you are employable.

There are only two categories of employable people:

– Young and agile people (fresh grads or non-grads that can work other jobs)

– Skilled and experienced people (People who have a particular skill and people who have been working for years).

If you do not fall into any of these, getting employed is really hard.

If you sat at home for years and clocked 42 years, then you wake up one day with no skill, no work experience, no computer literacy and say you are looking for a job, you are lying to yourself and you will keep yourself financially down for years.

4. You don’t have 100,000 Naira of your own, but you say you are dreaming of starting a business that requires 10million.

You go around shouting how Nigerian banks have refused to give you loan to start a business and how your relatives are all wicked. 

You sit at home for years, insisting that you must launch that 10million Naira logistics business. 

The lie you are telling yourself is pretending you don’t know that you should be your own first angel investor. 

No one invests such money in an idea. Even angel investors require that you show what you have done with your own small money.



When will you free yourself?

What lie is your spouse telling himself or herself that is keeping that person financially down?

Until you release yourself from the prison of personal lies, no one else can help you.

The sad part of living in your own lies is that all your relatives and friends know – so they just watch you drowning in your lies. 

No one can help you.

Only you.

You must free yourself of your own lies, then your life will move forward.

If this is you, listen to me now!


Call your name out, hit your chest and tell yourself you want to talk to yourself.

Then say all the lies that you have told yourself for years. Then denounce them.

Then stand up and ask yourself – What must I do now that I am free of these lies?

Seek the right way to go.

Watch your finances pick up in a few months.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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