This is a simple but very effective tip that gets you selling more and more of your products and services.

I particularly like that aside from helping you sell more, it also helps improve the output of your product or service or whatever it is that you are selling.

I call it the “what-others-are-doing-wrong” marketing strategy.

Now imagine you want to market a new design of your ready-to-wear dress called Amaka-Jappa-Dress, I like you to take out a clean sheet of paper and write out all the wrong things you have seen others do when they make and sell dresses.


1. Poor finishing on the inside

2. Very few or no color options

3. Not enough big sizes available 

After you have listed out what others are doing wrong, ensure to fix those things in your operations, then include those fixes in your marketing message.

So here’s how you can use the what-others-are-doing-wrong strategy to sell the Amaka-Jappa-Dress

“Here’s introducing our latest dress design called the Amaka-Jappa-dress. It’s a brilliant blend of corporate and semi-casual. Look at the inside, amazing finishing with hidden zippers and American-ziggy lining that works well for hot and even cold weather. It comes in 16 colours. Just choose your color and we deliver in 48 hours. Plus sizes aren’t left out, the dress runs from size 8 to 40…..”

I use it a lot when I sell my courses. I stress a lot about what others aren’t doing right and it works very well for me.

My examples:

– Others sell very long courses (I market short courses)

– Others include a lot of fluff talk that wastes time (I market straight to the point with no fluff)

– Others sell courses with unreadable slides filled with words (I market easy-to-read slides)

-Others sell courses with low-pitched boring voices (I market my high-pitched exciting voice)

– Others sell courses that do not necessarily deliver on the topic (I market the end result you will get and show you how I delivered it)

So, here are the steps to follow to use this marketing strategy:

1. Go and spend time studying the things others in your industry are doing wrong

2. Come back and build a list of those things. 

3. For each one, plan how you will correct it. Leave out those you cannot correct.

4. Make your product or service with the corrections. 

5. Then include those things in your marketing messages.

… and that’s it!

Hey – make sure you do not step on people’s toes while doing the marketing.

You do not need to mention that others are doing it wrongly.

Just focus on mentioning that you are doing this and that.

The customers have a way of understanding that you are offering something others aren’t doing right, because it’s usually something they have prayed and wished for – so they can relate very easily.

So, would you try out this strategy? It works amazingly well.

I love you!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

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