I had a personal paid session with a woman who is a coach.

She is a healthy living and weight loss coach.

She needed to speak to me because she was spending her whole life on her phone, responding to loads of Whatsapp messages from customers.

Each of her classes have over 200 and maybe up to 250 people.

You would chat her up on Whatsapp, she would give payment details, after payment you would chat her back and she would enroll you into the Whatsapp class.

She is making good money, but her time is all taken up.

She needed to free herself a bit and scale up to serve more hundreds and even thousands of people.

So someone recommended me to her, because I sell my courses to thousands of people and I know a lot about automation.

Our session was essentially about helping her do more, but free up herself, using automation.

I was glad to help.

I am the Queen of selling courses to thousands of people, so I know what to do.

During our session, I explained to her that I was going to teach her to automate the following areas:

1. Lead generation and marketing

2. Payments

3. Enrollments

4. Customer Service (to an extent)

5. Growth and scale

So we started the session and I went through what she should do point by point.

But something interesting struck me.

Every single thing I mentioned, she had either never heard about it, or had heard but wasn’t using it.

She had never heard about Paystack.

Never heard about Flutterwave.

Heard about Canva but doesn’t use it.

Didn’t have a website.

Never used any link-in-bio or clickable link to anything

Never built any lead generation Funnels

Never used any course platform

Never used an email account for the business

Never used Facebook or Instagram paid Ads

The only things she uses are Facebook and Whatsapp.


And she was printing money with these two things, until she got swamped.

After the session, I sat quietly to think about her.

She had inspired me soooo much.

She started and grew on just the simple things she knew.

Just Facebook and Whatsapp only.

Doing classes of 250 people back to back with just these two things.

Booked back to back for private coaching and class coaching.

Printing money with her simple small knowledge inside her house.

Ha! I was impressed.

She just reminded me that everyone is allowed to lower the barriers to entry for yourself.

Enter and dominate a space on your terns, my sister, my brother.

Did Chioma have to dance on social media to grow? No!

Did Nkechi have to thrive on all social media platforms to grow? No!

Did Peter have to show his face on social media to grow? No!

Did Adaobi have to learn hundreds of tech tools to grow? No!

Many people have defined their own terms and grown with it.

The only common thing is Consistency.

Define your terms, give value, stay consistent and grow.


So today I am speaking to you ….

What you know is enough to start and to grow.

As you go along, you will figure out more solutions.

Start as you are. 

You are enough.

Draw inspiration from the woman I spoke about and move.



You are enough.

I hope that this blesses you.

I love you so much!

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze 

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